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Battle of Bollywood IV (2018)

Huge Bollywood event in West London's  Apollo Theatre



·  Includes a star studded line up involved in the hosting and judging of the event and supports a chosen charity every year,

 Last year UCL presented a group to perform in the general category, this year would also like to send off a team for the main dance category to compete against some of the best universities

Gallery of Battle of Bollywood III


Nottingham Univeristy's winning performance, Battle of Bollywood III

Nottingham with their £1000 Cheque

Star guest: Paul Chowdhry - Battle of Bollywood III

Choreographers 2017

Sai Pendyala
3rd Year, Medicine
Ankita Kotamarthi
3rd Year, Medicine
Want to get involved in Battle of Bollywood 2018?
Contact Sai at sypendyala@gmail.com​ for more!