Your role as a First Year Representative!

Anjolie, First Year Rep 2017/18

Why should you become a First year Representative?


Imagine working with your friends to deliver some of the biggest and best events throughout the year! Imagine having the opportunity to meet a huge diversity of amazing people! Imagine being in a group of people where your opinions shape the direction of one of UCL's biggest societies! 


The role of First Year Representative on the Indian Society committee is unlike any other - this role offers you the unique opportunity to represent the freshers population at UCL as part of the committee, allowing you to aid in making crucial decisions about the events in the year to come! More than that, you will be part of a bigger family that put on some of the biggest events to date, such as Jashn, which this year was held at the stunning La Royale Banqueting Suite at Tottenham! Not only will you make big, decisive contributions on how large scale events play out, you will also have the opportunity to liase with students from other universities! Other roles include promoting events throughout the year as well as unfettered access behind the scenes, but also more senior roles including budgeting and having a say in which venues attract your eye.

More than just the responsibility, you will truly become part of a bigger family of people, making friends for years to come! Working with such a huge group of friends for the year and bonding through committee socials will leave you wishing the year was longer! This role gives you the amazing opportunity to be part of something beyond your course and further yourself as a team player and organiser, so don't hesitate! 

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Amulya, First Year Rep 2017/18

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