UCLIS: Bollywood Dance

The UCL Indian Society Bollywood Dance Group

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New for 2019/20, Indian Society Membership will Include:


Free dance sessions


Just Bollywood 2019 team entry and choreography  


Mahika Gogi BD.jpeg
Mahika Gogi

We’re back with FREE weekly Bollywood dance classes this year! From first time dancers to Bollywood dance fanatics, these classes are open to all. Whether you want to improve your dancing or just want to meet new people, drop in to our classes

Keep an eye on the Indian Soc website and Facebook page for more details or contact either one of our dance directors for more information!

Manasi Hansoge BD.jpeg
Manasi Hansoge


Free Bollywood/Bollygaana classes For all IndianSoc members!

It's a great way to get to know more people, make new friends, pick up a new hobby, stay fit and just simply to have fun. You’ll get a chance to show off your new routine to all your friends too.